eDomusTech conceived a Swiss quality 3D concrete printer with an innovative patented printing head.


3D concreate printing is nothing new on the market, but it is still at an early stage of technical development and maturity. On the one hand, 3D technology is still not able to offer a competitive alternative to classic construction techniques. On the other hand, the market in which 3D printing could establish itself is very large, thus presenting large market growth potential.


Europe - Total length of motorways in 2019 (in Km)


Europe - Number of completed houses in 2018 (in Units)


The team is convinced that one of the main limitations of current construction 3D printers is the print head. For this reason, the team has devised an innovative computer numerical controlled (CNC) print head for use in 3D printers.
Among others, the main advantages are:



  • Mix Accuracy

    Accuracy of the extrusion mixture that can be adjusted depending on the part of the building to be produced.

  • Sharp Corners

    Possibility to create sharp angles and create the preparation of service systems (electrical, hydraulic, plumbing, etc.).

  • Robotic Arm/Gantry Mount

    Flexibility in mounting the print head on robotic arms or gantry machines.

  • Finishing Strategy

    Finishing surface refinement techniques.

At present the team is assembling the fifth prototype which is intends to prove the concrete feasibility of the idea and to identify improvements.

On March 29, 2024, the patents to protect our innovations was filed.

Based on these two results, which form the basis of our credibility, we intend to found eDomusTech and look for investors that believe in our idea.